The Department has the responsibility for communicating with stakeholders to create awareness as well as promoting livelihood activities within the corridor. This department has two Divisions, namely Community mobilization and Livelihood Divisions.

a. The Community Mobilization Division works closely with States and Local Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in discharging its duties.

b. The Livelihood Division of the Department develop and sustains rural human livelihood activities with the view to enhance rural economy.


Mobilize participating communities to take ownership of the programme.


To ensure awareness creation as well as diversify and enhance rural economy.


  • Create public awareness and provide environmental education to include a new orientation in sustainable land management system; and
  • Promote activities in the dry land for improved livelihood.

Functions of the Department

  • Advocacy/Sensitization;
  • Establishment of GGW clubs in schools;
  • Organizing talk/road shows/campaign;
  • Building partnership;
  • School Outreach Programmes;
  • Establishment of Community Associations;
  • Design, establish and operate skill acquisition centers (Equipping/ training in tailoring, home garden, knitting etc);
  • Provision of improved wood stoves and other domestic renewable energy devices; and
  • Development and maintenance of home