The Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall Programme is a Pan-African Initiative conceived to address land degradation and desertification, boost food security and support communities to adapt to climate change in the Sahel-Sahara region of Africa.


The Initiative is specifically tailored towards strengthening the resilience of the regions people and natural system with sound ecosystem management, sustainable development of land resources, and the protection of rural heritage and improvement of the living conditions of the local populations.


The Great Green Wall is a bold vision of the leaders of the African union to have green and fertile land for sustainable development in the dry land region that would be free of famine and images of malnourished children and starving livestock.


The mission of the NAGGW is to halt and reverse land degradation, prevent depletion of biological diversity, ensure that by 2025, ecosystems are resilient to climate change and continue to provide essential services that would contribute to human welfare and poverty eradication.