The Department of Finance and Administration is one of the support departments of the Agency. It is principally responsible for maintaining the day-to-day administration and financial matters of the Agency in line with laid down policies and procedures of the Public Service Rules, Financial Regulations and other extant rules.


Provide top accounting and financial support to the Agency according to the provision of Financial Regulations, extant Rules and procedures and in line with international best practices and to ensure the development of personnel policies and objectives that are congruent with the goals, visions and objectives of the Agency in line with the Public Service Rules.


Our vision is to attract, retain and maintain a healthy, vibrant and result oriented team needed for the actualization of our corporate mandate and to ensure accuracy, transparency and accountability in all financial transactions.


The mandate of the department is to carry out both   financial and administrative responsibilities and functions of the Agency in line with the Agency’s Establishment Act and other government rules and procedures.


Functions of the Department

The functions of the Department are broadly categorized into accounting, administrative and human resources management viz:

1. Accounting

  • To record transactions on the basis of invoice, bills and vouchers and to ensure proper record keeping;
  • To reconcile bank statements with the Agency’s bank accounts
  • Renditions of financial returns to the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation and other relevant government Agencies,
  • Maintenance of Security and other financial documents
  • Disbursement/collection of all approved payments and receipts
  • Ensures that all expenditures are properly authorized and the books of Account are properly kept;
  • Collate and present financial statement of the Agency to the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation and Management of the Agency
  • Report to the Director General on the day to day financial activities of the Agency
  • Ensure judicious spending and strict compliance with guidelines on spending

2. Human Resources Management

The Human Resources management functions are further categorised into Managerial and operative functions

a. Managerial functions such as:

  • Manpower Planning –  determining in advance, the personnel programme that will contribute to the goals of the Agency and on an annual basis making requirements for personnel needs that will perform existing functions, bearing in mind labour turn-over;
  • Organizing – Designing the structure or relationships among jobs, personnel and other physical factors;
  • Directing (motivation/actuation/command) – Entails getting people to work willingly or effectively.
  • Controlling – Regulating activities in accordance with personnel plan, which in turn was formulated on the basis of the analysis of fundamental organizational goals

b. Operative functions:

  • Procurement (of Staff)/- Obtaining the proper kind and number of personnel necessary to accomplish the Agency’s goals.  It also entails obtaining a satisfactory workforce and deals with such issues as the determination of the human resources requirement, recruitment, selection and placement.
  • Development – Building the capacity of staff to enable them cope with changes in technology, realignment of jobs and increasing complexity of the managerial task.
  • Integration – It aims at reconciling the individual, society and organizational interest.
  • Compensation – ensuring adequate and equitable remuneration of personnel for their contributing to the organizations, objectives,
  • Separation – Uniting people back to the society either in the form of retirement, retrenchment or dismissal
  • Promotion – ensuring that officers are promoted at when due
  • Discipline – ensuring order in the work place.

3. Administrative Functions

  • Office Allocation – Allocating spaces within the office complex to departments/units
  • Office Maintenance/Facility management – ensuring that the facilities within the office premises are regularly maintained and secured.
  • Fleet Management – Maintaining the Agency’s operational vehicles