The Department is saddle with the responsibility of developing rural infrastructures such as water resources, enhancement of Oases and Sand Dunes, fodder resources towards the actualizing the vision of the Nigeria Great Green Wall programme.



The main objective of Land Resources Management Department is to design, develop and properly implement a participatory and community driven proven sustainable land development practices within the Great Green Wall (GGW) corridor and up-scaling best practices that will contribute to sustainable ecosystem-based integrated land management, for greater ecosystem stability, enhanced food security and improved livelihoods.

  • Provision of water along the GGW corridor for beneficiary communities for their domestic use, orchards, nurseries, Shelterbelt and other uses.
  • Promoting efficient management of water and land resources for the optimization of benefits, mitigation of floods, and reduction of conflicts.
  • Developing and implementing appropriate measures/strategies of reversing the degradation trends of rain-fed agricultural ecosystem and restoring its productive capacity within the GGW corridor.
  • Provision of Drip Irrigation systems for Orchards and Livelihood Gardens.
  • Improving performance of irrigation agriculture through irrigation-water use efficiency in the location of existing Oasis within the GGW corridor.
  • Effectively controlling erosion systems through shifting, fixation and stabilization of active Sand dunes in a sustainable manner.
  • Coordination, development and implementation of Oasis rehabilitation and management within GGW corridor.
  • Re-vegetation of bare range lands or abandoned rain-fed cropland using perennial forage species for purposes of improving the quality and quantity of fodder production/management.
  • Establishment and protection of fodder resources and providing veterinary care and nutritious feeds for livestock to improve their productive and reproductive capacities.
  • Designing and development of strategies that are needed to resolve, manage or minimize conflicts between farmers and pastoralist within the communities of the GGW corridor.
  • Designing, developing and encouraging the collection and use of runoff water in farming and forestry activities in order to release some pressure on ground water and save more good quality water for human uses.


Structure of the Department

The Department has three Divisions namely:

  • Oasis and Sand Dunes
  • Fodder Development and Management
  • Water Resources