Functions of the unit

The importance of Protocol as providers of services to the Chief Executives and the entire Management staff of any Organisation, in general and particularly organisation like ours is a duty to fatherland especially in these days of global trips and hectic schedules. Protocol is the image of the Chief Executives of the organisation he/she serves, charged with numerous responsibilities, which include the following:

  • Taking care of the official travelling arrangement of the Chief Executives and other senior officers both during departures and arrival to and from their official trips as the case may be.
  • Reception of Guest, Arrangements of their transportation and Accommodation respectively
  • Arrangements of venues for official meetings and conferences
  • Provision of catering services for official functions, during meeting and other conferences as the case may be
  • Procurement and issuance of official travelling documents such as Diplomatic, Official and Standard Passport from the ministries of Foreign Affairs and that of interior to enable the Chief Executives and other members of the management team to travel abroad during official conferences

A Protocol Officer is expected to be well trained, well equip with the necessary tools to readily and quickly swing into action to handle the various responsibilities expected of him/her to deliver as he /her is expected to be well versed and skilful enough to execute the task before him/her even at a critical period because it is a mission must be accomplished.

Consequently, Protocol Officer is charged with the responsibility of reporting to the Chief Executive from time to time on daily buses so as to inform the Chief Executive of possible function and advice how to go about it. In case of two or more events at the same time, he/she would advice why the most important alternate to be considered and which other one to be represented on behalf of the chief executive. There must be constant communications between a Protocol Officer and the Chief Executive, this as a result of impromptu and urgent functions coming up or passing some information that may be necessary attention with immediate effect.

The following functions are also must be considered to avoid cumbersomeness and overlapping of functions and appointments as they may be.
1. Preparation of daily manifest.

A daily manifest is a brief engagement of functions and appointment as approved by the chief Executive
2. Registration of proposed engagements

A register must be open in which all proposed appointments, engagements of the chief executive is maintained and the proposals are always sent to the chief of protocol for confirmation the manifest will indicate the following

  • The title of the event
  • Venue of the event
  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
  • Guest of Honour to be present at the event and to be inform the role he/she is expected to play and on time.

Distribution of manifest

This varies, as on some important occasion a manifest shall be distributed a day or two before the event take place. The protocol desk officer is charged with the responsibility for production of copies and send to all relevant officers.

Informing those concerned

It is the duty of the Protocol Officer to ensure that all concerned officers are reached by all means through

  • Correspondent
  • Phone calls
  • E-mails
  • SMS
  • Radio messages
  • Fax etc

Visiting projects outside head-quaters

In case of visiting some project outside the headquarters, a protocol officer shall be despatched as advance party to the venue of the project i.e. state or local Government to study the environment and make a report, his report shall contained the following:

  • The route to follow
  • Courtesy call to make
  • Duties to be performed i.e. commissioning of project
  • The address to be read
  • The scope of the reception i.e. Drama, Traditional dance and Music
  • Problem of the Area and request concerning the problem by the people of the area.

Arrangement for departure

This arrangement will cover the list of the members of the entourage of the Chief Executive considering the time of departure and Arrival. At the port of call, adequate arrangement for reception shall be made to cover use of transportation if by Air, Road, Sea etc. Also Hotel Accommodation or Government lodges, provision of entertainment, environmental sanitation of the lodge, comfort of the invitees procurement and wrapping of gift etc. It is also the responsibility of the Protocol Officer on behalf of the Chief Executive on official visit of Foreign delegations in which he will liaise with the ministry of Foreign Affairs and State House for the request of CVU/state house vehicles that is appropriately suitable for the August visitor i.e on occasion of A.U, ECOWAS, REGIONAL MEETING and conferences on bilateral and multilateral etc. During these conferences the Chief Executive may be attached to a visiting President on behalf of Mr. President. Therefore, adequate arrangement must be made to carter for their Hotel accommodation, Dinners receptions, departures etc. However, it is important to note that in appreciation of the visit the Chief Executive on behalf of Mr. President shall present a suitable and acceptable gift in favour of the guest. The Chief of Protocol is to coordinate all the functions of protocol and work as a team to achieve success.

Some duties might be assigned to protocol officer as directed by the chief executive as he deem fit at any time