Finance & Administration Department

The Finance and administration department is responsible for the management of the Agency’s human resources as well as maintaining a healthy working environment for the Agency.

The Department is structured into two divisions:

Accounts Division:

  1. Central Pay Office Section
  2. Other Charges (Expenditures) Section
  3. Advances Section.
  4. Checking Section.
  5. Salary and Variation Section.
  6. Budget Section.
  7. Admin/Audit Query/Final Accounts Section.

Administration Division:

  1. Appointment and Records Section.
  2. Discipline Section.
  3. Training and Staff Welfare Section.
  4. Promotion Section.
  5. General Services Section.

The Department has the following functions:

  1. Responsible for making all Receipts and Payments in line with Government Treasury Single Account Policy and has the Final Approval level in the chain of Remita and Gifmis modus.
  2. Responsible for making all approved payments & receipts.
  3. Ensures the maintenance of proper accounting records such as books of accounts, primary and subsidiary ledgers.
  4. Ensures prompt rendition of financial statements and summaries of revenue & expenditures to Government and other relevant stakeholders, as well as preparing final accounts and Bank reconciliation statements.
  5. Assist with Budget preparation for all activities as contained in the approved annual strategic plan.
  6. Monitoring the implementation of the annual budget to ensure adherence to financial procedures and effective utilization of budgeted funds.
  7. Ensures compliance with financial regulation and accounting codes by all Staff under his control & supervision.
  8. Liaising with the Accountant General of the federation from time to time when in doubt of in the interpretation of the provisions of these regulation and other treasury circulars or when confronted with difficulties in the performance of his duties.
  9. Advising the DG on all financial matters as well as the more technical provision of these regulations and other treasury circulars.
  10. Ensuring the existence of an effective Audit Query unit/section to promptly deal with all queries from the Internal Audit unit, Inspectorate Department, Office of the Accountant General, Office of the Auditor-General and Public Accounts Committee.
  11. Human Resources Management, including Appointments, Promotion and Discipline.
  12. Staff training and welfare.
  13. Maintain accurate and comprehensive records on all relevant information, including the registries.
  14. Development of Strategic human resources utilization plan.
  15. Management of staff pension matters, pool of drivers, rent and utility bills of the Agency.
  16. Supervise security and cleaning services. 
  17. Secretary to non-technical meetings.