Finance & Administration Department

Administrative  Division


The Administrative Division is a Division under the Finance and Administration Department responsible for the management of the Agency’s human resources as well as maintenance of a  healthy working environment for the Agency.



The mission of the Division is to:

  • Ensure the development of personnel policies that are congruent with the goals, vision and objectives of the Agency in line with the Change Mantra of the Federal Government,
  • Ensure optimum utilization of the human resources available in the Agency  to the  realization of the common goal
  • Ensure that safety is guaranteed in the work environment.



Our vision   is to attract, retain and maintain a healthy, vibrant and result oriented team needed for the actualization of the our corporate mandate.


Function of the  Administrative Division

The functions of Division are broadly categorized into two viz:  human resources management functions  and administrative functions.

The human resources management functions are further sub divided into Managerial and operative functions.


Managerial Functions

  • Manpower Planning. This helps to determine in advance, the personnel programme that will contribute to goals of the Agency. It also  means on annual basis, making requirements for personnel needs that will perform existing functions bearing in mind labour turn-over.
  • Organizing – This entails designing the structure of relationships among jobs, personnel and Physical factors.
  • Directing – The function of “direction” from which this action directing comes, may be called by other names, such as ‘motivation’ or ‘actuation’ or ‘command’. It entails getting people to work willingly and effectively.
  • Controlling – Control is the managerial function concerned with regulating activities in accordance with personnel plan, which in turn was formulated on the basis of personnel plan, which was also formulated on the basis of analysis of fundamental organizational goals.


Operative functions

  • Procurement – is referred to as the first operative function of personnel management ‘concerned with the obtaining of the proper kind and number of personnel necessary to accomplish organization goals’. Some authors call it “the process of obtaining a satisfactory workforce”. “Procurement in this aspect deals specifically with such subjects as the determination of human resources requirement and their recruitment, selection and placement”. Omale Ibrahim (2006).
  • Development – After personnel have been obtained, they must be developed. Development has to do with the increase of skill, through training that is necessary for proper job performance. This is an activity of  very great importance and will continue to grow because of the changes in technology, the realignment of jobs, and the increasing complexity of the managerial task.
  • Integration – is concerned with the attempt to effect a reasonable reconciliation of individual, society and organizational interests”.
  • Compensation – is defined as the adequate and equitable remuneration of personnel for their contributions to the organization objectives.
  • Maintenance – Otherwise known as the process of maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is concerned with the perpetuation of the state of a satisfied workforce. Issues such as communication with employees and concern with their health conditions  are the maintenance functions of Personnel management.
  • Separation – If the first function of personnel management is  to secure the employee, it is logical that the last should be separation and return to society. Most people do not die on the job so it is the responsibility of the organization to unite them back to the society either in the form of retirement, retrenchment or dismissal.


Administrative functions

  • Office Allocation: – deals with the allocation of office spaces within the office complex.
  • Office Maintenance/facility management -It is the duty of the Administrative department to ensure that the facilities within the office premises are regularly maintained. Such issues as compound cleaning, settlement of utility bills and facilities needed for a conducive working environment are provided and also maintained. It also includes the provision of security services and generator maintenance.
  • Fleet Management – Involves the management and maintenance of the Agency’s operational vehicles. Issues such as vehicle insurance, vehicle repairs and maintenance, allocation of vehicles to staff for particular assignment etc are issues involved in this function.
  • Linking-pin function: This involves liaison with other MDAs, organizations and individuals  for purposes of establishing harmonious working relationships and/or securing their services for the Agency.


Finance & Accounts Division

Mission Statement

To provide top quality accounting services and financial support to the Agency according to current provision of financial rules, regulation and procedures.


Vision Statement

To be recognized as one of the best Accounting department in Nigeria and West African region.



The department is mandated on the provision of establishment Act 2015 to carry out the financial responsibilities of the Agency:


  • Shall do all things necessary to ensure that all payments out of its fund and bank Account are correctly made and properly authorized and adequate control is maintained over the asset in its custody and over the expenditures incurred by the Agency.
  • Shall keep proper and regular accounting records and purposes for which the payment have been received or paid and of its assets credits and liabilities.



The department provide accounting services such as:-

  • To record the transaction on the basis of invoice, bills and vouchers and keep in a safe place after including them in files.
  • To reconcile the bank statements with Agency bank accounts.
  • T prepare monthly return of expenditure
  • To ensure errors are corrected accordingly.