To use ICT as a tool to observe, access, and systematically process data of land degradation, drought, and desertification.



To engender optimal performance by providing qualitative ICT related services to the Agency aiming to improve service delivery, data collection, analysis, and exchange of data



  1. Setup technical specifications for hardware and software requirement of the Agency
  2. Deploy and maintain all IT infrastructure and services of the Agency;
  • Provide and manage network connectivity within the Agency;
  1. Develop ICT capacity and stimulate interest in ICT among staff;
  2. Develop strategic plans, guidelines, and strategies for implementation of ICT
  3. Monitor and supervise ICT projects contracted by the Agency.
  • Maintenance of ICT Infrastructures at the Headquarters and State Offices;
  • Content management of the Agency’s website in liaison Press Unit and other departments;
  1. Provide technical support/Helpdesk services for the Agency on any ICT related complaints;
  2. To advice the management at all levels on the need to continually update the Ministry’s infrastructure;
  3. To represent the Ministry on all ICT related forums.