The Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Unit is under the direct supervision of the Director-General of the Agency. The Unit is responsible for proposing, designing, developing, and standardizing ICT solutions to create a more conducive working environment. It drives the delivery of innovative solutions and support services toward achieving the Agency's mandates to promote good governance and effective service delivery in line with best practices. 

The functions of the Information and Communication Technology Unit include but are not limited to:

  1. Monitoring and maintaining all ICT infrastructure and services of the Agency.
  2. Driving the digital transformation policies of the Agency.
  3. Setting up technical specifications for all hardware and software for the Agency.
  4. Deploying, monitoring, and supervising the Agency's ICT projects for proper implementation.
  5. Conducting training on ICT knowledge and practice for Staff development.
  6. Providing ICT support services for all Staff.
  7. Offering technical support to Departments/Sections/Units on ICT-related matters
  8. Managing Content of the Agency's website (, and official email accounts ( and in liaison with the Information and Corporate Communication Unit and other Departments.
  9. To represent the Agency on all ICT-related forums, and
  10. Any other duties that the Director-General may assign.