Planning, Policy and Coordination Department


To improve the Agency’s outcomes and to transform the Nigerian Dryland Environment and improve the livelihoods of the affected communities.



To facilitate, influence and support effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of the Agency’s programms aiming to improve service delivery, outcomes and impact on the dry-land environment and effected communities.



  • Preparation, coordination of work plan and budget
  • Programming and planning
  • Policy analysis
  • Liaison with other departments, MDAs and National Assembly
  • Preparation and coordination of NAGGW manuals, Handbooks, Reports, Speeches, Handing- over notes, Addresses and Councils Memorandum etc.
  • Secretary to all Technical meeting
  • Programme & project monitoring and evaluation
  • Development and coordination of key performance information (KPI) fort programme progress tracking
  • Promotion of research and development
  • Collaboration with relevant research based institution
  • Establishment of early warning systems for drought, desertification, land degradation
  • Collaborate with appropriate agencies in the provision of emergency reliefs, settlement of people in areas affected by drought and desertification
  • Periodic collection, collation and preparation of environmental statistics
  • Organizational review and assessment
  • Establishment and management of agency library
  • Registration of approved consultants
  • Management of efficiency unit
  • Coordinate with relevant technical department workshops and other technical engagements; and
  • Other duties that maybe assigned by the Director General.