Reform Unit


To coordinate all reform programs in the agency and serve as a focal point for driving all change, reform, innovation and improvement efforts in line with overall framework set by the B.P.S.R, O.H.C.S.O.F and other central agencies of government.



Target improve service delivery while promoting good governance and to institutionalize, transparency in compliance and enforcement within the Agency.


  • To promote synergy between departments, Units and divisions within the Agency. To serve as check and balance between progress and plans which may call for modification based on feedback from the field.
  • Work with the leadership of the Agency to identify processes, system service gaps and with B.P.S.R and O.H.C.S.O.F to develop intervention to eliminate such gaps.
  • Co-ordinate, drive, monitor and report on the reform agenda for the Agency.
  • Manage and drive Servicom aims and initiatives within the agency, if mandated.
  • Troubleshoot service failures and develop proposal to address them.
  • Research and identify good practices that can be adopted/ adapted to improve service delivery in the agency.
  • Assist the Director General as required, to formulate and articulate his/her leadership agenda for the agency.
  • Provide support in times of leadership transition in the agency.
  • Liaise with the agencies department and the O.H.C.S.O.F to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and systems for the agency to achieve its mandate (objective).
  • Develop and launch initiative to drive and mainstream service improvement culture within the agency.
  • Develop and deploy change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvement in the agency.
  • Assist the leadership of the agency to articulate and co-ordinate their change agenda in line with service policies and standards.