Reform Unit


Reform Coordination and Service Improvement was established by Circular No. HCSF/CME/234/17 of 11th March 2014. This was informed by the need to mainstream Government Public Service Reform Programmes and sustain the implementation of Reform Initiatives by bringing all such programmes under one umbrella to facilitate their effective management. It aims to serve as a focal point for driving all change, reform, innovation, and improvement efforts within the Agency in line with the overall framework set by the Office of The Head of Service of The Federation (OHSCF)The Bureau of Public Service Reforms (B.P.S.R), and other central agencies of the Federal Government. 

The Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Unit is under the direct supervision of the Director-General with the following functions:

  1. Work with the leadership of the Agency to identify processes, systems, and service gaps and with BPSR and OHCSF to develop interventions to eliminate such gaps.
  2. Coordinate, drive, monitor and report on the reform agenda for the Agency.
  3. Manage and drive Servicom aims and initiatives within the Agency.
  4. Troubleshoot service failures and develop proposals to address them according to Servicom mandate.
  5. Research and identify good practices that can be adopted/ adapted to improve service delivery in the Agency.
  6. Provide support in times of leadership transition in the Agency.
  7. To Spearhead the Agency’s service delivery initiative through SERVICOM compliance
  8. To produce, review and monitor the performance of charters for the Agency 
  9. To institute complaints procedures, including grievance redress mechanism for the Agency
  10. To disseminate best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement