Rural development and extension services


To be the leading department in transforming nigeria’s drylands for greater ecosystem stability, enhanced food security and poverty reduction through provision of improved sustainable rural development services within the NAGGW operational areas.


To design, develop and properly implement a participatory and community driven proven sustainable rural development strategy within the GGW operational areas and up-scaling best practices that will contribute to greater ecosystem stability, enhanced food security and improved livelihoods.


The Department of Rural Development and Extension Services is one of the technical departments of the Agency that is saddled with the following responsibilities and functions as its mandate;


  • Provision and improvement of critical rural infrastructure for environmental sustainability including integrated water resources management, promotion of alternative energy sources.
  • Capacity building and empowerment of women and youth for sustainability development and value-chains.
  • Building partnership and participation in national initiatives relating to community mobilization using NGOs, CBOs, Women group etc.
  • Promotion and management of school outreach programs on environment activities.
  • Facilitate the implementation of community development plans.
  • Environmental education awareness/sensitization and provide extension services.
  • Implementation of integrated water resources management.
  • Other duties that may be assigned by the Director General.



The activities of the Department are broadly classified into four namely;


  1. Integrated Water Resources Management.
  2. Provision of Boreholes
  3. Drip Irrigation Services
  4. Construction of Earth Dams
  5. Rural Livelihood and Extension Services.
  6. Skill Acquisition Centre
  7. Capacity building and empowerment of women and youths
  8. Alternative livelihood
  9. Rural Infrastructure
  10. Rural Feeder Road
  11. Provision of Other basic Rural Infrastructure
  12. Renewable energy